The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
-B.B. King
Welcome Pinecrest Students
You will find links to fun and educational websites for all subject areas. Have fun learning on River Deep and StarFall or practice up for your test with the FCAT Explorer! The other sites have games, videos and much more to help you with your studies.

Activities for all subject areas and students.
FCAT Explorer
Great practice for FCAT math and reading skills.
Fun Brain
A great Math and Reading site for K-8 students.
PreK-2 Language Arts activities with interactive games.

Math Fact Cafe
A great way to improve math homelearning skills.
I Know That
K-6 Educational Activities for all subject areas.
All Math
Offers great Math links for everyone
Kid Space
The Kid Space Reading Zone is like the fiction section at a public library. You can find links to on-line stories and also learn more about your favorite books and authors.
Free Home Learning Help.